A feature length follow-up to the UnderGRADS animated series that originally aired in 2001.
1,257 backers pledged CA$ 145,266 to help bring this project to life.
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Add-On Rewards Menu (Updated)

All prices listed are in Canadian dollars. Add an additional $5 if shipping outside of Canada.

  • $10 – Shooting Script
  • $15 – Rocko’s Fake ID
  • $30 – Movie Poster
  • $35 – Signed movie poster
  • $40 – Undergrads T-shirt
  • $40 – Digital download
  • $50 – Nitz’s Baseball Cap
  • $75 – Undergrads Beer mug
  • $100 – Name in the Credits
  • $150 – Voicemail from Nitz, Rocko, Cal or Gimpy

To add to your pledge, simply select “Manage Pledge” on the Undergrads: The Movie Kickstarter page, then “Change your pledge”, where you can either select another reward tier, or add to your existing pledge. To add one of the rewards listed above, simply add the exact amount of that item to your pledge total.

And of course, you’re totally welcome to add multiple items (i.e. add $45 if you want Rocko’s fake ID and a movie poster) and when the survey is available, you’ll have the opportunity to specify which items you’ve chosen.

This menu also works if you want to order more than one of the same item. For example, there will be multiple T-shirt and poster designs to choose from. Can’t decide on just one? No problem, guy! You can add as many items to your pledge as you like. For example, add $80 for two t-shirts, and on the survey you’ll be able to choose exactly which designs you’d like.

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